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News: April News from our Partners at Consultant360

Michael J. Wilkinson, MD, on Whether Time-Restricted Eating Could Play a Role in Treating Metabolic Syndrome
Consultant360 spoke with Michael J. Wilkinson, MD, whose study found that 10-hour time-restricted eating may aid in the reversal and prevention of metabolic syndrome.

 Timothy Harlan, MD, on Preparing Patients for Bariatric Surgery
Timothy Harlan, MD, discusses 8 modalities for weight loss, including bariatric surgery, and what primary care physicians need to know when preparing bariatric surgery candidates for their procedure.

Christianne Roumie, MD, on Intensive SBP Control and Diabetes Incidence
Christianne Roumie, MD, MPH, answers our questions about her new study, which compared the incidence of diabetes and impaired fasting glucose among participants from the SPRINT Randomized Trial.

 Kristie Harris, PhD, on the Relationship Between Takotsubo Syndrome and Modifiable Lifestyle Factors
In this podcast, Kristie Harris, PhD, discusses her findings on the association of physical activity, smoking, alcohol use, and caffeinated coffee consumption with Takotsubo syndrome. Does the use of psychostimulants play a role in the syndrome’s pathophysiology? Here is what she says.

 Carol Chelimo, PhD, and Cameron Grand, MbChB, PhD, on the Association Between Early-Life Antibiotic Exposure and BMI and Obesity
Carol Chelimo, PhD, and Cameron Grand, MbChB, PhD, answered our questions about their study examining the association between early exposure to antibiotics and subsequent body mass index and the likelihood of overweight.