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News: Consultant 360 Metabolic Disease Articles February 2018

New Metabolic Disease Articles from our Partners at Consultant 360

BP Tends to Decrease in the 10 Years Before Death

Currently, it is unclear whether blood pressure stabilizes or decreases in later life. In a new study, researchers investigated whether blood pressure trajectories were reflective of increasing age or time to death.

 Which Obesity Treatment Is Best?

Four newly-published studies compared the effectiveness of various treatment options for patients with obesity, including laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy and nonsurgical options.

 High Fitness, Regardless of BMI, Is Linked to Lower Abdominal Fat

In a new study, researchers aimed to investigate how cardiorespiratory fitness was related to abdominal adiposity and low-grade inflammation within different BMI categories.

 CVD Risk Linked to Timing of Reproductive Factors

Previous evidence has suggested that women’s reproductive factors, including menarche, menopause, and age at first birth, are associated with increased risk for cardiovascular disease, but findings have been mixed. Researchers aimed to further clarify this relationship in a new study.

Statin Eligibility Varies Significantly Between Guidelines

In a recent study, researchers sought to compare the utility of guidelines on statin use for the prevention of ASCVD released by the ACC/AHA, NICE, CCS, USPSTF, and ESC/EAS, and estimate the effectiveness of these guidelines.