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News: Consultant 360 Metabolic Disease Articles January 2019

New Metabolic Disease Articles from our Partners at Consultant 360

“Barbershop Intervention” Significantly Improved BP in Black Men

After demonstrating efficacy in a 6-month trial, a BP reduction intervention implemented in black barbershops was further tested for sustainability through 1 year. The results were encouraging.

It’s the Heart Attack Season: MI Risk Highest on Christmas Eve

Although current understanding of ischemic heart disease is that it is “multifactorial with predisposing modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors,” previous research has suggested that external factors could trigger the onset of MI, with some evidence showing peak risk on Christmas and New Year’s Day in the Western world.

AHA Issues Statement on Statin Safety

The American Heart Association has published an extensive review of statin safety and tolerability among the general population and various demographic subgroups.

MS and Obesity: What’s the Connection?

As both the prevalence of obesity and the number of MS cases increases, researchers say it is important to examine the relationship between obesity in children and adolescents and the later occurrence of MS.

CVD Risk Doubles With Red Meat Diet

Researchers analyzed the effects that diets rich in red meat, white meat, and plants have on TMAO levels, metabolism, and renal excretion.