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News: Consultant 360 Metabolic Disease Articles July 2017

New Metabolic Disease Articles from our Partners at Consultant 360

Cardiometabolic Health Improved by Regular Activity Breaks

A recent study assessed the effects of physical activity on various cardiometabolic measures 24 hours post-intervention.

Intensive vs Standard BP Control: Which Is Better for CKD Progression?

A recent meta-analysis investigated the effects of intensive blood pressure (BP) control vs standard BP control on renal outcomes in patients without diabetes who have chronic kidney disease.

Drug Can Significantly Reduce CV Death and Obesity in Type 2 Diabetes and CVD Patients

A recent trial evaluated a certain drug’s effect on cardiovascular death, body weight, and visceral adiposity in patients with cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

Study: How Red Meat Is Cooked Affects Diabetes Risk

In a recent study, researchers examined the effects of cooking method on diabetes risk among individuals who regularly consumed red meat.

Study: Obesity May Increase Survival in Some Diabetes Patients

Certain overweight and obese diabetes patients tend to live longer than others, according to a recent meta-analysis. To see which patient populations are affected, as well as an analysis of several studies, read more.