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News: Consultant 360 Metabolic Disease Articles October 2019

New Metabolic Disease Articles from our Partners at Consultant 360

Nut Consumption Linked to Less Weight Gain

While nut consumption has increased in the US, there is little available evidence on the effects of nut consumption on weight gain.

Menopause: Hot Flashes Tied to Later CVD Risk

New research presented at the NAMS 2019 Annual Meeting provides the “strongest evidence, to date” of a link between frequent or persistent hot flashes and CVD risk in menopausal women.

Metformin Reduces MACE Risk in Patients With Diabetes and Reduced Kidney Function

In a new study, researchers examined the association between treatment with metformin vs sulfonylureas and major adverse cardiovascular events among 49,478 US veterans with diabetes and reduced kidney function.

Could Coaching Aid Weight Loss in Menopause?

Researchers investigated the impact of lifestyle health coaching on BMI, body composition, and waist circumference in women at various stages of menopause. The findings were presented at the NAMS 2019 Annual Meeting.

Polypill Can Decrease BP, LDL Levels in High-Risk Adults

Because nonwhite individuals who are socioeconomically disadvantaged in the United States have high rates of CVD, researchers sought to determine whether a polypill was affordable and could effectively prevent CVD among this population.