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News: December 2021 News from Our Partners at Consultant360

What Do You Need to Know About Continuous Glucose Monitoring?
In this month's column, Andrea Cedeno, MD, and Kim A. Carmichael, MD, answer questions about continuous glucose monitors, the appropriate patient populations, potential adverse reactions, and more.

Robert Klein, DPM, CWS, on Diabetic Foot Disease
In this podcast, Robert Klein, DPM, CWS, speaks about the prevalence of diabetic-related foot ulcer, recurrence, infection, and amputation among people with diabetes, the 5-year mortality of diabetic foot complications compared with cancer, and the economic burden of diabetic foot complications.

Lawrence Fisher, PhD, on Diabetes Distress
In this podcast, Lawrence Fisher, PhD, discusses his strategies for managing patients with diabetes who have diabetes distress, a topic he recently presented about at ADCES21.

Sri Banerjee, MD, PhD, MPH, MAS, on the Effect of Smoking on Diabetes and Cardiovascular Mortality
In this podcast, Sri Banerjee, MD, PhD, MPH, MAS, speaks about the effect of smoking status on the association between diabetes and cardiovascular mortality, including how social factors impact tobacco use, how smoking cessation can decrease mortality from diabetes, and how diabetes can interact with other risk factors to affect cardiovascular health. He presented a poster abstract on this topic at the ADCES21 annual conference. 

Dominick Angiolillo, MD, PhD, on the TWILIGHT Trial Analysis of High-Risk Patients With Diabetes
In this podcast, Dominick J. Angiolillo, MD, PhD, provides insight into a new analysis of the TWILIGHT Trial that he and his colleagues performed among high-risk patients with diabetes.