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The Future of Digital Health: Cardio Care Now, Ep. 2
In this episode, Dr. Seth S. Martin, MD, MHS speaks with Francoise Marvel, MD, about innovative approaches to implementing prevention guidelines, including the future of digital health and cardiovascular care.

Highlights From ACC.22
In this video, Michael J. Bloch, MD, highlights key takeaways from The American College of Cardiology 2022 conference in Washington, DC, including:

  • sessions on inflammation, lipoprotein(a), and investigational therapeutics that target those risk factors
  • results from the CANTOS and APOLLO Trials and study design of the ZEUS trial
  • 3-year follow-up data from the SPYRAL HTN-ON MED Study; and
  • new studies on coffee consumption and cardiovascular risk. 

Blood Pressure Management in the Presence of Pain
It is well-known that patients’ blood pressure often elevates in the presence of pain. In a recent study, Elizabeth Pfoh, PhD, MPH, and her colleagues examined how elevated blood pressure and pain status impacted how physicians modified medication regimens. In this Q&A, Dr Pfoh answered our questions about the study.

Nutritional Pearls: Salt Substitutes May Help Prevent Stroke and Heart Disease
Your patient is a 59-year-old man with a family history of stroke. He asks you if there are small changes he can make to his diet to decrease his risk of stroke.

Heart Failure Risk in Patients With HIV
In this podcast, Alan S. Go, MD, discusses the results of his recent study which examined the relationship between HIV, heart failure, and patient demographics.

Nutritional Pearls: A Look Into the Risks of Land-Animal Protein
Your patient is a 51-year-old man with a family history of cardiovascular disease and cancer. He asks you if his diet increases the likelihood that he will die from one of those diseases.