Serving To Educate Primary Care Clinicians On Metabolic Issues
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Join the Primary Care Metabolic Group (PCMG)!

Prior to the PCMG there was no opportunity specifically designed by primary care clinicians for those of us in Primary Care to network and interact on issues related to metabolic diseases. The Primary Care Metabolic Group (PCMG) was established as an independent, educational and interactive forum for primary care clinicians interested in metabolic diseases as well as a focus for educational outreach. Membership of the PCMG is free of charge and open to any interested primary care clinician. Benefits of membership include:

  • Access to the PCMG website that includes up-to-date information on diabetes management including organizational activities, medical developments, relevant article highlights and commentaries, case studies and meeting information;
  • A forum where Primary Care colleagues can discuss medical issues specifically related to metabolic diseases;
  • Opportunities for FREE CME;
  • Possible research opportunities and
  • Other activities based upon suggestions of the PCMG steering committee.

If you'd like to participate as a member of the PCMG, please take a moment to complete the registration form below.

Please note: PCMG is a networking group for US-based clinicians ONLY.